Restructuring the Creative Writing Tips Site

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Restructuring the Creative Writing Tips Site

Though new blog postings are long overdue, I have been updating, managing, and creating tips for this site. I have, however, neglected this blog, and I plan to begin regular blog updates again.

Some exciting changes are coming to the Creative Writing tips page in the coming weeks and months, and this blog will serve as a platform for sharing this news with you.

Life Tips has restructured its Guru program, and they are increasing the responsibilities and standards that Guru’s are held to. This will lead to an uptick in both tip quality and quantity across every Life Tips site—this Creative Writing site included. I am embracing these changes by reorganizing and rebooting the Creative Writing tips site. I plan to continue with my own personal standards for resources, references, tip content, and diligent responses to reader questions, as well as making use of Life Tips’ new standards for posting frequency, editorial quality, and so forth.

I am in the process of moving old tips into a “Tip Archive” category during this restructuring period. Some of the tips created by previous Gurus are not in line with my writing philosophies and experience, though this difference of opinion provides a valuable contrast to my Tips, so the older tips will remain archived for your benefit. I will keep these archives active for at least one year, and perhaps even longer. Some of the best tips will migrate into my new categories (with minor revisions), but for the most part you can expect a new collection of tips to populate the entire Life Tips Creative Writing site in the coming weeks.



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