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How do I format copy for an eBook?

How to Format an eBook for Publication

To properly format an eBook for publication, there are a few things to be done. First, since most people "scan" copy before they commit to reading the entire thing, keep your writing clear and concise.

Patience is short on the web, so get straight to the point. Online copy is a bit harder to read than print copy. Therefore, follow the list below in order to properly format and craft the piece:

1. Keep sentences short: no more than 15 -16 words each.
2. Have only two-three sentences per paragraph.
3. Skip an entire line between paragraphs.
4. Write in the active voice. In the active voice, the noun performs the "action." In the passive style, the action "happens" to the noun.

Example: In active voice, the sentence would read: "The ball hit Mary."
Example: In the passive voice, the same sentence would read: "Mary was hit by the ball."

It is important to write in the active voice. If not, you will sound quite boring. It is important to know that people expect web writing to be sharp and specific, as well as somewhat personable.

This article could be used as an example of how to format copy published on the internet. Use headings, bullet lists and subheadings where you can, and write to keep your reader's attention. Web copy is "punchy" in that it is not wordy nor does it ramble on.

It is also important to use simple, yet expressive words in order to get your point across.

By following these rules, you will be ready to publish your work.

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