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How do I write a good poem?

A Poem Doesn't Need to Mean, it can simply be

A lot of people think that a poem should have some deep, hidden meaning, some lesson behind it that lends a moral or code of ethics to the world that we live in. Nothing could be further from the truth. A poem, as it stands, can be related to a picture, or music, or any other art form that you choose to embrace, because it's not necessarily what the poem is about that's important, but rather how it makes you feel. When you look at the more popular paintings and listen to the more popular symphonies by artists like Bach and Beethoven, it's almost impossible to discern what they mean. On the other hand they make you feel victorious, elated, sad, neutral, and perhaps even motivated. A poem does not have to mean anything, it can just stand as a picture or a piece of music put to words.

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