A Note On Tips and Resources

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A Note On Tips and Resources

On Tips

My past two postings alluded to my “goals” for this Tips Page. I’d like to share my Tips plan with my readers.

While the postings on this blog will often be topical or discussion-provoking, I intend to retain minimalism in the Tips sections of this site. Tips, as I understand it, should be succinct, yet well-conceived and not at all cursory. Meanwhile, the blog on this site can function as a forum for more lengthy discourse.

I’ll keep tips informative and brief, so interested creative writers can get all the vital information they need at a glance.

On Resources

That being said, I never want my readers to feel shortchanged—I want to encourage those in search of greater topical depth.

While the Tips will be brief, providing snippets of useful creative writing information, I intend to incorporate supplementary links with many Tips in the way of an “Other Resources” footer. An example of this can be found on my previous blog posting entitled “On Revision.”

I want my readers to find the site helpful for creative writing enthusiasts at all learning levels. For many writers, the Tips alone will be the only disciplinary boost necessary; however, for writers in need of greater details, there will typically be an Other Resources section available to enhance further study.



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