On Revision

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On Revision

As I mentioned in my introductory post, I plan on revising much of the content on the Creative Writing Tips Site prior to posting new Tips. I decided I’d take this as an opportunity to discuss revision, both broadly and as it pertains to my goals for this Tips Site.

As Donald M. Murray stated in his 1973 article from The Writer entitled “The Maker’s Eye,” “A piece of writing is never finished. It is delivered to a deadline, torn out of the typewriter on demand, sent off with a sense of frustration and incompleteness.” The good writer is never completely satisfied, because no piece of writing is perfect, and we can never fully quell the desire to make our work better.

In his book, The Craft of Revision, Murray also explains that “writing is rewriting.” When taking up the daunting charge of bringing our work as close to perfection as possible, we writers must continually alter our vision of the project. With fresh eyes, we must take a look at our past work, whether it be from yesterday or yesteryear, looking for new potential twists and turns that we may not have considered during the initial rush of drafting.

With these tenets in mind, I am seeking to revise the Tips on this Creative Writing Tips Site. I won’t simply be “editing,” as this is not true revision. I will truly re-envision the site’s purpose and functionality. The process will be grueling, but I plan on tackling the 283 Tips currently on the Creative Writing Tips Site, making sure they are best suited for the direction I am taking this Tips Site. It will undoubtedly take a few days, maybe even weeks, for me to finish revising the existing tips. But rest assured, new Tips will be coming very soon. Stay tuned to this blog for more information.

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