An Introductory Blog Post

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An Introductory Blog Post

As my first posting on Life Tips, I’d like to address my itinerary for this Tips Site and give a hearty welcome to all my readers.

I’m pleased to be the new Life Tips Creative Writing Guru, taking over for Kelsey Childress. I plan on leaving her old blog postings up until August 1st, 2009, so her former fans have the opportunity to archive any necessary information before the text is removed.

My main goal as a new Guru is to clean up the existing content on the Creative Writing Tips Site before creating my own Tips. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that this site attracted a wide range of passing authors, some professional and others without much Creative Writing experience. Many of the Tips are very useful, but others are outdated or too general. Some Tips even have grammatical errors within the text; while I recognize that writers are not perfect (as I am sure I will post occasional error-laden content), I believe it is my duty as an incoming Guru to ensure that all existing content meets my personal standards and future vision for the Tips Site.

This is not to say that the majority of the Tips on the Creative Writing Tips Site are faulty—in fact, most are well-written—only that there are a select few that require my immediate attention. Others do not require attention, but they will get it anyway. I plan on making painstaking minor revisions to help adjust even the best Tips, aligning them with my authorial voice and future plans for this Tips Site.

I will not drone on about myself here, only to say that I have a wide range of previous writing and editing experiences. You can follow some of my other projects at my personal blog: Additionally, more information about me is available in the Bio section of the Creative Writing Tips page.

As I close this post, I’d like to thank Kelsey Childress for allowing me to take over the site. Her postings were all well-informed and knowledgeable, and I’m sure her readers are disappointed to see her go. I hope that, in time, you’ll come to see me as an ample replacement, striving to continually improve this Tips Site.



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