June 18, 2010, Newsletter Issue #207: Miscellaneous

Tip of the Week

Below are several archived tips from the “Miscellaneous” category.  Though some tips have been edited by the current guru, James Gapinski, most are the original creations of past Life Tips gurus.
Online Diaries
Scribbling on paper isn’t the only way to record your thoughts these days. There are plenty of online journal services that will give you space to vent and philosophize. Most are free!
Check out:
SFWA Nebula Award
Given annually by the Science Fiction Writers of America. Search winners and finalists for great writers to learn from.
Haiku’s ideally include some element of season or nature in them & are a clever form on their own.
The Basics:
Haiku has 3 lines and 17 syllabes distributed in 5, 7 and 5. The haiku conveys a "snapshot" impression of a moment, feeling, or observation from nature.
You can find more detailed resources & even submit your haikus on A Haiku Homepage.
Links for Crime Writers
Officer.com. Click here for info on just about anything police related.
Romance Writers links
Journal Writing Links
Journal For You--a vastly informative site for those wanting to develop their journaling experience.
Writers Workshops
The Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop is a hub for humor writers and features articles & general info on the business. There is also an annual writing contest and a conference.
Online Resources
HumorLinks provides an astounding wealth of humor related resources. It’s worth flipping through, even though it also includes a fair amount of joke sites and such.
Science writing links
Online Workshops
If you’re looking for a journaling workshop, but are low on spare time, consider going online.
Nature Writing links
Memoir writing links
Memoir Writing community at Suite 101
Places that might consider your screenwriting manuscript
Dave Barry´s Miami Herald Column
Dave Barry is a humor writer who manages to be naturally funny (hilarious, even) without ever really going over the top.
How to be funny on demand (link)
Good Writers to Learn From
Contemporary Writers
Rick Bass
Annie Dillard
Gretel Erlich
Barry Lopez
Farley Mowatt
Terry Tempest Williams
Classical Writers
Henry David Thoreau
Reading List
Deadly Pleasures is a site that stays up-to-the-minute on crime writing publications. This page provides a good list of crime novels that have received acclaim.
http://www.deadlypleasures.com/dplist2001.htm#U.S. Novels
Writers to Learn From
Isaac Asimov
Ursula K. Leguin
Ideas for entries
Journaling can often be a place to lazily record your thoughts as they meander. But sometimes you will want to experiment with focused writing exercises on a specific topic. Here are some random ideas--add your own to the list.
*My earliest memory
*The sounds of nature
*A terrifying experience
*Being single/involved/married/divorced/widowed
Handmaking a Journal Book
You might enjoy the physical craft of building a journal from scratch. Many cultural centers and craft stores offer workshops on how to put one together. For a reasonable fee, you’ll get materials, fabric, instruction and a place to work. Definitely worth checking out.
Finding an agent
The best place to research agents is with the Writer’s Guild. They keep a log of agents who are active and, most importantly, legit.
Independent Mystery Booksellers
The Independent Mystery Booksellers Association is a good resource if you want to find quality crime fiction. You can search for books on the site. Check out their Top 100 list!
Reading List
Leaving a Trace: On Keeping a Journal
by Alexandra Johnson
The best book resource I have come across for journaling. It emphasizes the importance of journaling to creative development and touches on many personal aspects of the genre. Includes great exercises to get you started and stoke your creativity.
Screenwriting links
The Mad Screenwriter
(Download scripts from your favorite movies!!)
Screenwriting Directories & Resources
Sci Fi Writing Associations
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America
Be sure to check out the page for "Craft." It gives great resources on the basics of Sci Fi Writing.
Links for FanFic writers
Fan Fiction on Force.Net. A community of fan fic writers, with a huge archive and mailing lists.

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